Seymour Tseng

Welcome to my student website! I am currently a junior at Brea Olinda High School, experincing the busiest but most fullfilling year in high school. This website, along with the sub-links that it directs to, is created as an educational project for a computer science program called "GITA" (Global IT Academy) at the school, which required applications and interviews to gain eligibility to participate in this amazing 4-year course. If my creation of arts might intrigue you in this visit, please browse my sub-webpages for each year of GITA class in the "CS Protfolio" section. Or if you happen to be a passionate gamer, feel free to challenge all the games that I made in the "Games" section as well as providing feedbacks in the "Feedback" section. Last but not least, if you are interested in getting a deeper understanding of computer science, require help, or obtaining advance resources, sign up for an account (which is abided to institution policy) or just leave me an email. Hope you emjoy the journey, and it's my pleasure to have your company.


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